The first step in manufacturing T cell immunotherapies against cancer is T cell activation.

Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

The immune system is our military, defending our body from invasion — both external (infection) and internal (cancer).

Our army of white blood cells course through our veins; they are immune cells with various roles that patrol our body in search of invaders. The most powerful of these soldiers are perhaps our T cells. T cells can identify their target with high specificity, rally other immune cell troops, and deliver lethal attacks.

T cell Immunotherapies

Cancer treatment has evolved from surgery (excision of tumour) to radiation (use of high-energy waves to damage cells), chemotherapy (use of drugs to damage cells), targeted therapy (more…

Previtha Dawn

Scientist in training; paving the way for next generation immunotherapies. I explore stories, methods and the creative process behind scientific discoveries.

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